We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old  mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


In olden days, girls held the purse, today the iPad.

White haired old men usually have smile on face.

I never wore a uniform as a child, I was born poor.

A quarter in my youth was a  lot of money.

Older sister pats younger brother on head as they walk.

Person who will pay is usually on end of  line.

After a while  unfamiliar faces become familiar.

INSULT! I was asked if I needed help with the bags.

Hot weather, sore toe, opposing forces in action.

Little boys enjoy flopping on the couch.

Mom should not talk with child  while having a full mouth.

There are no bad or good deeds, just deeds.

I wonder how a tall person can handle a tiny cell phone.

I am baffled at the American love affair with guns. After the Army, who wants to see one again?

Green tee shirt indicates one is involved in physical labor.

Tall men should marry tall women to raise our heights.

Girl wearing a plaid skirt attends parochial school.

It is half a century since I saw someone wearing knickers.

My ignorance of technology can not be underestimated.