We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Sunday morning used to be in a church, today it is chomping on a bagel.

Men of God, all too often, are not.

Parents used to teach children the wonders of a mind, today, the wonders of a machine.

Some button up jacked prior to leaving, others once outside.

Modern life: Alone among friends.

People gaze at my old body and offer assistance, I do NOT need it.

I hear voices talking but there is no one around.

Some struggle to get out of the booth.

I seek to describe life, as it really is.

Some worry about tomorrow, some about yesterday, me, today!

There is always fear, hope and acceptance. Select one and get on with life.

Many college students regard me as an historic relic-condemned to the dustbin or history.

My  mind sees beyond the bend up ahead.

The office of the  manager of a coffee shop is a table-for the moment.

I am never bored with life, it always changes.

Get a war if you want to reduce unemployment.

Sound of German is strength.

Sound of French is gentle.

Sound of English conveys action.