We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Couples today grow more alike in body than mind.

We invented God out of fear, but expect him to be a loving one.

Love is the only object if used frequently grows in content.

I suspect there are parents whose greatest joy is in possession of guns.

Around every bend in life is a question.

My older brother has been with me throughout life, as long as he exists, so do I.

Some fling car door open.

A father’s hand on back of son is an expression of love.

Parents should lead children by deeds, not words.

Some shrink in body with age, some in mind.

Some break off pieces of bread, I take a bite.

I miss sound of Irish songs and their lilting sorrow.

I was raised with the Irish and shall die with them-my wife is Irish.

Children enjoy moving body side to side.

Child so enjoys taking bite of mom’s food.

Some move hand back and forth over soda while talking.

In capitalist society we dream of money, what did cro-magnon dream about?

Death, all too often, prevents the right departure scene.

There are times in life to punt.

Coffee shop allows worker to sit and talk with customers.

We grow older while technology grows younger.