We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Many demand life on their terms.

Money or love-which do you place higher?

Bang the drum of life very softly.

Youth should not be served.

Instincts can never be taught.

Some fear Death, some fear life.

Ultimate journey is one through your mind.

Modern life intrudes into our lives in bits and pieces.

For some, tomorrow arrives yesterday.

I am a booth man.

I do not admire any public figure today

Nothing more ironic than a congressman denouncing corruption. That is what his entire life is all about.

Age slower, do not age heavier.

We carry the debris of our lives to the grave.

A  waitress in a coffee shop lacks the right to throw away a newspaper.

Some get the napkin before and some after they get ready to eat in coffee shop.

Mystery of life: Young man and woman dressed in 19th century clothes in McDonald’s.

Some rub side of nose to avoid charge of a pick.

Group of heavy set women out for a walk, that is the problem.

To remain mentally healthy, one requires mental health vacations.

Some tip toe through life.

Some sip and read while others read and sip.