We offer observations  on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Society is angry at people for being poor.

Wealthy Americans fear the poor more than the poor fear them.

I fear technology due to my ignorance of it.

In the end there is eternal peace-and no money problems.

Government devotes considerable time explaining why people must be killed, but much less why they must live.

Many read words of Jesus, few adhere to them.

Modern American youth believes it is special, about what is unclear.

Dresses disguise body form, tight pants do not.

I assume eventually we all will ask the phone to cook our breakfast.

It is not stealing to take plastic utensils.

Older women gaze intently at older men.

When veins show, you are  displaying age.

I am overwhelmed encountering an evil young person.

I wonder if there is an end to the end.

Some attempt sincerely to be sincere.

Make it through the dawn and you sleep another night.

One can not cheat on life. One must pay up or depart.

TV ad of a soldier coming home and getting what he wants most-a hot dog!

Some wave finger when talking, I do not.

I believe in always taking a shot. All you can do is miss.

Each time we open a door we alter life.

If there is an end then there must be a beginning.

There are times in life to dodger.