We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an  82 year old body.


I never forget a favor.

Some apologies are not apologies but excuses.

There is food for the body and food for the mind.

Wife always spots  things  on the face of husband.

I prefer whispering praise.

I hate the sense  of being crowded when in a group.

“Pull up a chair” is always a nice invitation.

To be born on the streets is to spend one’s life wandering and wondering.

Someone must record the human story, I will.

Some people  rock back and forth while watching, I do not.

Profit margin in coffee shop must be high-just water and flavor.

There are those who rise to get the last gulp.

Some women walk with hands on chest.

I wonder if God ever gets pissed off.

Someone won the $600 million lottery yesterday, his name was not Stopsky.

The US Army cured me of being able to stand in lines.

I miss the comradeship of a long march.

Some men once stood tall, alas, not today.