We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


We always say, “valley of Death,” why not mountain?

To greet dawn is to greet life.

If we cannot trust our self, then who can we trust?

I respect a good mind more than a good body.

I have spent my life one step out of step.

Many believe in religion, few in God.

Keep a grudge, die one day sooner.

Some take a long firm bite.

Some cannot get through a day without some expression of anger.

I wonder who confronts God in moments of anguish?

To fail another is to become a fool.

I wonder if cave folk stretched leg out to relax?

I am of African origin-so are you!

Old Expression: “here today, gone tomorrow.”  New Expression: “I wish it were here today.”

All too many never depart from Valley of Ignorance.

Greatest joy in New York City– a parking space!

If cars could fly would there be parking places in the sky?

Some march to a different tune, some are tuneless.

Never doubt the human capacity to screw up.

Girl with object in back pocket accentuates the butt.

One should not exit a store arguing.