We offer observations about the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


I am grateful for what I have and never worry about what I do not have.

8 boys discussing their team leads to laughter.

There is the noise of war and the noise of peace.

In any group, people pair off.

I do not gamble with Death. House always wins.

One should never lose the sense of humor we all possess.

There are new sounds in my life.

Some place one leg under body when seated, not me.

There are times to lose,such is the game of life.

One must learn to accept who one is.

There are limits to the game of life.

I once dreamed of going to the stars, one day, I will.

Some walk with hands tucked in belt, I do not.

There are physical boundaries, but no mental ones.

Each day, another day older, but are you wiser?

“America” is a state of mind as well as a place.

iPad is the new God for youth.

“Grandpa” and “Grandma”-two beautiful words.

Men play with hands, women with hair.

A family at dinner with iPads is a family seated in silence.

Children show care for other children.