We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Younger sibling accepts authority of older one.

As a child I yearned for height, today for life.

We respect wealth, not poverty.

Be patient with time,it will come.

Choice-gaze into past or future.

I wonder if one can apply for the God job.

We all need a break, especially from poverty.

Some respect iPad more than parents.

More impressive to survive poverty than wealth.

Sit quietly to be with God.

I wonder if God takes a lunch break?

We arrive in life with a special gift, now find it.

Friends eventually die.

If I am dead then I am not alive, I think.

There is a moment of transition from being a child to being an adolescent.

Some wish for a new year, me, I’ll take any year, new or old.

Believe in self to believe in others.

Never open the door to hate.

There is an infinite human capacity for love–or hate.

I readily apologize for mistakes.