Each week, we offer observations on life by a 78 year old mind.

Staff conducting an X-Ray exam are hidden behind doors, but the patient is unprotected.

Dr.McCoy of Star Trek never makes his patients drink yukky stuff before scanning their bodies but hospitals make people drink the yuk. I am going to wait for Dr. McCoy.

I passed a little girl sitting on the grass with two cups of dirt and some grass. Ah, when children create their toys, their eyes light up with pride.

I used to watch boxing but gave it up after Muhammad Ali left the scene. Boring.

I can never understand why my 150 Direct Satellite TV channels never have an interesting program for me to see.

The library uses a machine to check out books. I miss a white haired lady stamping my book which allowed me to see how many people read the book before me.

I rarely experience “bad” Chinese fried rice at the take-out. Do you?

I told a secretary I would pay cash for a medical procedure. I thought she would have a heart attack.

After fifty years of teaching I no longer have an office. However, as I walk into the building, my fingers instinctively reach for a key.

I went for an eye exam and had to fill out this form which asked if I had diabetes or headaches and so on. I just want a damn pair of glasses!

Sunday morning in America has its own special silence.

As the weather gets colder, runners and walkers are not so bolder.

For some reason, this year there were fewer Xmas trees in the windows.

The sign in the department store said: “80% off.” I am waiting for the other 20% off and then will get the item.

On New Year’s Day, Diane called to offer me advice on settling my debt. It is New Year’s Day for God’s sake.

I never see any film which glorify how this teacher got an entire class to learn. After teaching 12,000 students, I have never gotten a “class” to learn, but have done so with many individual students. There are no great “triumphs” in education. We rarely know about our success of failure.

My first New Year’s resolution was getting a haircut. Now, I am batting 100% so maybe the other resolutions will happen.

A marvel of modern life is getting sweet delicious cherries in January.

Every so often I purchase a Scratch off lottery ticket so I can enjoy the moment of mystery until once again I am proved wrong.

Never stand behind an old fart like me in the Men’s Rest room. As we grow older, it comes out slower.

I walked in a hospital at 8:00 am. and saw a doctor eating a candy bar.

Am I guilty of stealing a Kleenex from the box in an office if I use it outside the office?

For some reason, Einstein Bagels offers a special holiday brew AFTER the holidays are over.

I believe the definition of a “good day” is having experienced three days without something physical going wrong with my body.