We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Mystery of life: What did people gaze at before the iPaD?

I place the left leg over the right knee.

Comes a point when one can not tempt fate. All out of tempts.

Dawn broke,so did a new foreign policy for Obama.

Children must crawl before walking.

Our eternal dream is claiming a prize, any prize will do.

Americans want more services and lower taxes.

People most reside in the village of their mind.

Did God create the world or did the world create God?

If this God is our creation, how about a new model?

Wonderful feeling, to go beyond who we are.

We never really know our parents.

I last fired a weapon on June 15,1953.

We never forget the new kid on the block feeling.

In life, better to have friends than enemies.

I feel guilty spilling anything.

We inherit life, but do we inherit love is the question of life.

Few women place thumbs in back pockets.

The end is always a beginning.