We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


I always sit facing the door.

I wonder how cave people handled hearing problems.

A man without an iPad in America is all alone with his thoughts.

Many worry about debt,but not their debt.

Exploring the nose is a heinous human crime.

Each day we cut off face hair, but not body hair. Why?

Is it permissible to pick up an 81 year old woman?

Some dwell in valley of despair.

Mystery: Origin of “pick up” expression.

I miss the ethnic neighborhood of peace and security.

Some chomp through life.

Some walk in fear while in a safe neighborhood.

Some walk swinging arms, I do not.

Fear and Doubt are the slogans of the Tea Party.

Some in America go to sleep each night worrying about plight of the wealthy.

Jesus would be on food stamps.

Mystery of Life: how “Christians” can hate the poor??

US Army teaches loyalty to others.

I enjoy sweeping up dirt. An Accomplishment.

I wonder what a touch from an angel feels like.

How can there be an “avenging angel?” He is an “angel!”

I wonder if one has to take a test to become a God?