We offer words of wisdom from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Few exhibit delight munching a Big Mac.

Some bring pile of napkins to table, I don’t.

I wonder if there is an equivalent of McDonald’s in heaven.

At age 3, one ponders life today, not death tomorrow.

I so yearn to talk with a cro-Magnon.

Some gaze towards people when walking.

I enjoy gazing into the unknown.

God provided the back so we could back out.

Computers are my main enemy in life.

So many books in library, so few read them.

I spend my life reading, but do I spend my life learning.

Too many dead ends in life.

Few cherish the moment.

We should always reach for the stars.

Reading takes me places, I will never visit.

I prefer voice to email.

We can think across borders and time.

None closer than friends of childhood.

I enjoy the solitude of thought.