We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped an 83 year old body.


An athlete has natural abilities, so does a scholar.

I instinctively categorize people by height and weight.

At age i prefer a slow walk through life.

I wonder how I would differ with a beard.

Challenge of life is to imagine future life.

There is a moment of sadness gazing at a building where you once worked.

We can only return to the past in our minds.

Ah, if I could only return to the future.

Fear never dwells on mountain tops.

Students live by LAW-Least Amount of Work.

I do not understand the half blouse of women. Show it or not!

Some like a booth, some a table.

Believe in self to believe in others.

Some only achieve the barest.

I teach students who fear venturing into the unknown.

I enjoy living in ambiguity.

Some play with ideas, for others ideas play with them.

We all begin from the stage of ignorance.

To know that I am ignorant is to know wisdom.