Each week, we offer observations on life from the perspective of a 78 year-old mind.

The little girls in my apartment complex have more enthusiasm in getting rid of snow than the snow removers.

I had four people at Bank of America give me four versions about the state of my checking account. I really appreciated being told not to raise my voice and stop being upset.

I returned a sour bottle of milk. The clerk asked for my receipt for the purchase of the milk. Naturally, I rushed home and got the receipt from the pile of milk purchase receipts I keep.

I am 78. This has earned me the right not to go to work when there is snow.

There is nothing like a snow storm to empty a supermarket and leave clerks standing all by themselves.

I have never understood why in America the snow is plowed up into high banks so cars can’t get out.

John Updike died at age 76. As a 78 year old, I don’t like such deaths. 98 is my preferred date for someone dying.

I always get upset when I order a pound of meat and I wind up paying for a pound and a quarter. I should only pay for what was ordered.

I always have this moment of uneasiness when picking up the phone and there is silence. My mind immediately creates a picture of FBI agents in some room.

Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors” makes me cry. It is the story of how her mother sewed a coat for her from scraps of materials. If you lived through the Depression, you understand that poverty is a state of mind as well as a state of wealth or no wealth.

Any child bundled up in a snow suit is bey definition, cute.

Baseball manager Joe Torre wrote his autobiography and made nasty comments about the players he managed. Silence is the rule for those who manage when discussing employees.

I have never been at a retreat without wishing I could retreat within one moment from arriving.

There ought to be a law making it illegal for the volume on TV sets to rise when the commercial comes on.

For some reason I want to eat a donut when it snows.

I often get confused about ads. Which is better, 99 cents for a hamburger or two for $1.99? I am math impaired.

At least once a day I worry about people who have lost their jobs and have no medical insurance.

I am a fanatic New York Giants football fan. The Superbowl is just another football games unless the Giants are in it.

I now have a reason for being alive in 2029 to celebrate my 99th birthday. I can see the planet Pluto in the sky. What a great reason to live.