We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


There is always an answer, find it.

Mystery of life: why is there a mystery of life?

My mom and pop never went to school-good or bad news?

From my Depression background, anything over $7 is NOT a bargain.

Modern times, 3 people, 3 different meals.

I have never worn white clothes.

Some take a bite, and then fold hands by crouch.

How would women function without a bag on shoulder?

Some take dainty bites, I do not.

My childhood apartment was tiny, but warm in winter.

I miss the sound of the man shouting, “I cash clothes.”

The silence of my pop taught me the power of silence.

I so long to see the plains of the Ukraine, from whence he came.

We can only go home again, in spirit.

Many women wait for their order with classed hands.

A woman has to shake her head when rising.

Not uncommon today, pretty girl with two boys in tow.

Food is food to me, I am Depression born.

Either kids are growing taller or I am growing smaller.