We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


I wonder if God has a psychologist to consult.

Floods come across as beautiful unless one is in them.

Always take a shot, the NRA will ensure you get another one.

Believe in self to believe in others.

Ah, if I could only return to the future.

Some only achieve being themselves.

To know that I am ignorant is a sign of intelligence.

Some have no idea they have no idea.

Most modern students believe in LAW–least amount of work.

American generals no longer die in battle, they die as guest commentators on TV.

In the end there is only “I” not We.

Be an explorer of life.

Long time since I heard, “straight and narrow path.”

A human must live in the solitude of own mind.

God is a whisperer.

We are all prisoners of the past.

Some must contemplate the decision to bite.

Some feel proud they cleaned off the table before departing.

I never forget to pick up the penny, one never knows.

The child lives in today, the adult in yesterday.

I prefer the sound of coins to paper.

Child loves to dump trash, sign of growing up.