We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


At age 83, live one day at a time.

Long time since I rode a sleigh.

I await the cane,with dread.

At points in life, clear the deck of life.

I never was given more than a quarter by mom for anything.

I think as a child of 12 at age 83.

Moms give daughters a special look.

I wonder why only one youth per person.

Old Adage: “I am the captain of my fate.” No truer words said.

Some hold coffee cup by top,some by bottom.

I do not think like a human. Thank God.

Some chew and read, I do one or the other.

Always venture into the unknown, then it will not be.

Hitting age seventy means there is nothing left to lose.

Lack a daily job and lose track of days of the week.

A child reaches new stage of life when can dump the garbage.

Dawn breaks, at least some place in the world.

White hair generates smiles from elderly women.

In olden days, the child posed questions, these days they offer answers.