We offer observations on the human experience from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


In my slum neighborhood we considered anyone who carried a gun, Crazy Sam.

In the Army a “gun” is your prick. A rifle is your weapon.

In America a pseudo macho feeling is found in too many places.

I wonder if dawn breaks on other planets.

Some tap foot while listening to another speak.

We refer to the “Gods of War,” but never the “Gods of Peace.”

Mom working with kids in library is a joyous sight.

In the end we become our genes.

The initial crapshoot in life is birth.

These days I walk slower.

At age 83, Death hovers around the corner of life.

Fewer tellers in the bank, more money for those owning banks.

We refer to a “day of reckoning” but not a night of one.

To “rediscover” is just as joyous as to “discover.”