We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Simplicity is beauty.

For ever victory in war there is a defeat.

Mystery of Life: why Americans have this fanatic desire for guns.

An organization has one goal in life–to survive.

Some travel the well worn roads of life.

Some know what they know and that is sufficient.

There are physical places we shall never visit and mental ones within our mind.

There are times in life to be unseen.

I am a child of the past.

Oh, to be a child of the future.

Better to read about war than to be in one.

No greater joy than reading.

Some hold pages of book as they read, I do not.

There are men who itch to fight. There are times not to scratch.

Some seek to go beyond the horizon.

These days I sit in the company of old men and women.

Some are on a perpetual joyride in life.

There are times to hold back.

There are times to go forth.

Some have natural look of anger on face.

I detest waste, particularly of talent.