Each week we offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in a 78 year old body.

I invariably get the hotel room next to the noisy neighbor.

My flight was cancelled and I could not get home. Why is it that airline personnel make me feel guilty for creating the problem of how I get home?

Hotels in San Francisco charge $45 to park a car. I could live on that for a month in my youth.

I am not into being thin, but observing people in an airport makes one aware that a high percent of Americans could use a bit of weight reduction.

Most Americans want Obama to succeed, but Republicans in Congress each night pray he will not.

If Bobby Jindal is the boy wonder of the Republican Party does this mean Sarah Palin is the girl wonder? They are a marriage made in Hell for the future of the Republican party.

There ought to be a law forbidding loud talk on cell phone if you are within ten feet of other humans.

I met a man who believes the most serious problem facing American education is spelling. I like meeting people who have a cause.

Dads kiss their small sons but hesitate to kiss their teen age ones. Why?

There is always a tall thin blond girl at a conference who walks around dressed in black and wears high heels to get across the image she is in charge.

Walking up the hills of San Francisco is not for 78 year old men. Down is OK. So, how about building hills that only go down?

If I am delayed four hours at an airport the airline should provide me with a cup of coffee.

I was waiting for a urinal in the airport restroom when a young man who works there rushed in and said, “Emergency Leak”

I become irritated when drinking my coffee if someone is trying to pick up trash on my table. Wait a minute.

Any woman wearing a white sweater with blue jeans is, by definition, attractive.

A sleeping baby is God’s gift to airline passengers.

An announcement said someone had left their computer at the coffee shop. Isn’t that like forgetting your baby?

Someone at the airport asked if this was “my seat?” I believe the seats belong to the airport, not to me.

I have a blog on MySpace. People who write responses on MySpace should first be required to pass a history test. If ignorance is bliss, most MySpace writers will wind up as saints in heaven.

My first act as dictator of America is making use of the word “reform” when discussing education a crime punishable by being compelled to spend one’s life as a high school student.

I often wonder why no member of the British royal family has done anything creative or interesting. They appear to spend their time wandering the planet or doing stupid things like Prince Harry who dresses up like a Nazi for a party.

I don’t think, john mcCain is very Able these days.

The mystery of my life is why humans evolved with the emotion of hate.

I enjoy signs in both English and Spanish. I learn Spanish that way.

I just read that most people who work at airports do not daily go through the metal detectors.

If a plane is late, the explanation is Nature. If I am late to the airport, it is all my fault.

The steward said he didn’t accept cash for liquor. I didn’t realize that American dollars were no longer welcome in the world.