We offer observations on the human condition from 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


I prefer women wearing tight to loose jeans.

To truly think, requires work and thought.

Some walk with hand on hip.

Few humans explore their inner world.

Some seek,some are sought.

Some grow old, some grow young in their mind.

After integrity, few things are as important.

The future lies undiscovered.

I was born in the working class and shall die in it.

In each life, resides a great story.

Some communicate through silence.

To test Death is to test Life.

Anyone can become a hero.

Some must shake the bottle before opening it.

Some doze through life.

To know what I don’t know is to know.

Some boast of their ignorance.

There ARE things that should remain silent to others.

There ARE times to tell off people for their stupidity.

Some fear the night, some the day.

Some never fear.