Each week we offer the unproven observations of a 78 year old man commenting on life on planet Earth.

I was at a hotel in San Francisco which offered a continental breakfast for $16.10. Lord, we are in a recession!

Men and women sleep on the streets of San Francisco. In my childhood in the thirties they slept on the streets of New York. But, this is 2009, is there something wrong with America?

In my younger days if you were at a conference the men wore suits. These days you’d be lucky if they wore shirts.

Some people when talking look up, others look down, I just look right into your eyes.

It is rare to meet a stranger who during the second conversation does not repeat what was said in the first.

I have never seen a Russian film that was a comedy. They are always so dark and serious.

My dream these days is to read a sport section of a newspaper that does not have a single story about steroids.

My idea of being experimental is trying a new flavor of coffee.

If I was God, backing into parking spaces would be illegal.

A tiny red headed girl is, by definition, cute.

I watched a man typing furiously all through lunch on his computer. Is there a law against relaxing during lunch?

I entered a restroom and saw a sign–KKK. I have not seen such signs in years. I wondered why the person put it there.

After one leaves an organization and then encounters someone still working, there is that awkward moment of silence.

American who are hurting want action, those who have jobs, want peace and quiet.

I do not believe if I am sitting by the window of a restaurant that I have to nod to people walking by.

A sign said: “Public Parking.” Are there streets in the town which have signs saying, “Private Parking?”

The greatest fear of mom is the little girl or boy who dashes out the door of a restaurant.

I saw a woman race to the end of the street, turn and dash back to her car, enter and drive off. I missed something but could not figure out what.

A husband and wife who are eating must finish within three minutes of one another.

Does anyone know the last presidential candidate who had a moustache? It was Tom Dewey in 1944.

If a wife leaves the table at some point her husband will sit with folded arms awaiting her return.

I wonder if I am allowed to laugh at a joke told at the neighboring table.

A person sitting alone will stare at nothing for at least five minutes.