Each week, we offer comments on the human condition as seen by a 78 year old man.

Nobody Asked me but,

It was Thursday, I saw three police carts stop three cars within a half mile of one another. I guess the sergeant said we’re hurting from the recession, let’s raise some revenue.

A man asked for more icing on his buns. That’s like asking for a shot of nicotine.

After 42 years of teaching at colleges, I have difficulty figuring out exactly what a professor has to offer modern Americans in terms of solutions to problems.

My neighbor’s little girl was sitting in front of the door at 11:00 a.m. I wondered if I had missed some holiday. Another unsolved mystery.

I never put down youth. I once was one.

I get upset if I have a coupon for a free hamburger or drink and never use it. More Americans will soon share in that feeling of being upset.

My bagel shop reorganized its tables. I felt as though my universe had been disturbed.

If you allow a person to enter before you, chances are high they will have a large complicated order which means you will wait ten minutes to get served.

I always become fascinated with the person who finishes eating and then sits gazing off into space.

Mr. Madoff says he is sorry. Somehow, ruining the lives of people and charities requires a bit more than saying I am sorry.

In talking with people, I sense we are entering a period of frugality. When people begin watching pennies, we will have entered a period of Depression.

I am always bewildered in modern times when people walk down the street talking to themselves. I have a regular cell phone.

At age, 78, I am allowed to flirt with any older woman.

The sign said: “Concealed weapons prohibited in this facility.” I assume unconcealed weapons are allowed.

I am not obligated to allow cars exiting fast food places to cut in front of me.

I felt sorry for Governor Jindal who gave the Republican speech after Obama spoke. He looked like a little boy who was lost and searching for his parents.

Selecting one topping for a pizza is among my greatest philosophical challenges in life.

When waiting for traffic lights to turn green, I examine the immediate physical environment.