We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Some nod in agreement as clutch coffee cup tightly.

There comes a time in life when time just is time.

I no longer walk with the certainty of the 13 year old.

I so miss running with the wind in my face.

I live for eternity, the question is whether eternity wishes my presence?

We are simply a fragment of the human experience.

I adhere to a strict daily routine.

Few know me for who I am. Can be said about everyone.

Child used to share daily life with mom, now dad is present.

Americans in 2014 lack a sense of destiny.

Americans in 2014 are trapped in the moment.

Sometimes, there is solitude in solitude.

There are patterns in our lives, some natural, some man made.

I enjoy the peace of aloneness.

There are friends for the moment, and few for life.

I hesitate to intrude on the lives of others.