We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


The job I would never take-coal miner.

Some DO deserve what they get in life.

If I see a white bearded old man, my mind sees God.

Modern life means strangers intrude into our daily lives.

Older one becomes,the slower one rises from seat.

Why only one day set aside for love– Valentine’s day?

We set aside every day for hate and war.

Shocking news- a gay football player, what next, a gay Republican candidate?

I increasingly spill my coffee.

Some are dainty eaters, I am not.

For some, any change is scary.

Some are born with the look of an “official.”

Some are natural born losers.

Some are natural born winners.

Some caress hair with right, but not the left hand.

A McDonald employee is allowed to hug an elderly person.

We humans so love to judge behavior of other humans.

A wise person signs a non-aggression pact with Death.

I wonder if there are traffic jams on other planets?

I wonder if there are male and female bathrooms on other planets?

Be always on guard against the beast of hate.

Our children represent eternal life for us.

Never open the door if hate knocks!