We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.


When there is no unknown to explore,will humans disappear?

No warmer feeling than that of one elderly person greeting another.

I so enjoy dawn, still alive.

I wonder if God feels pleased when Dawn arrives?

People in fear need fearless leaders.

Some spend their lives seeking to be afraid-of something!

I wonder if there is a committee in Heaven that decides who cannot enter.

People are more alike than different-they are PEOPLE!

Some start engine while buckling up.

God must be a gambler,why else so many billions of planets?

Some are runners, I am a walker in life.

Some walk with hands clutched on the waist.

Some inherit hate, some love.

A child’s dilemma these days, bother dad or mom’s iPad?

Love is a drink to be sipped, not to gulp down.

Few at fast food places read receipt.

Every child enjoys playing with hair.

I do not understand why my distant ancestors left warmth for northern cold?