We offer observations on the human condition from an 83 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


The only medal winning for a soldier is that called –life.

Children sip a soda very fast.

Children so enjoy offer of a hand.

There are still Americans alive who are pre-McDonald’s.

Most women exiting Rest Room flip up their blouse.

Long time since I wiped nose with sleeve.

Mom must rise at least three times when feeding baby.

Some display, some hide cross under blouse.

Is Heaven a hope or place is the question?

It would be God like to allow humans to design Heaven.

No one went broke betting that Americans reject candidates who speak reality.

These days I am a one cup coffee man.

Some place straw in top cover before filling cup, some after.

We have a cry for birth and a cry for death.

No woman ever lived who within the hour failed to pull down on her sweater.

I am unable to enter into the mind of a grossly obese person.

If I praise others, I praise myself.

I have never worn anything other than a watch on my wrist.