Each week, we offer the biased unproven views of a 28 year old mind trapped in a 78 year old body.

I can not hate a nation or a group. I don’t like Bernie Madoff, I’m sure some nice people worked for him.

A mother chatting with an older daughter at lunch invariably brings to her face a concerned look.

Sitting in a dentist waiting room is akin to waiting for the arrival of Death.

I know that I am in St. Louis when three pages of the sports section deal with wrestling.

What is the protocol for being in a single sex toilet-do you stand or have to sit?

The United States got defeated in the World Baseball Classic. I know this is not the era of Babe Ruth or Ted Williams.

If newspapers continue to fold it will be up to Jon Stewart to handle investigative reporting.

Few people exit a coffee shop with an empty mug.

I am not a hitch up the pants man, are you?

I saw two priests at lunch. I was surprised since it is now so rare to see a few priests together.

As women grow older, they seek out friends of the same weight, hair color and size.

I wonder if or when people will say, “Depression.”

I take a booth for privacy but have this unique ability to always select the one which is next to the loudest people in the place.

I passed two men seated in front of computers and holding hands as they prayed. It was a powerful sight.

In my youth, people wore the same style shoes. These days, the shoe fits the person and each person is different.

I sense a hardening of feeling into “us” versus “them.” How about “we?”

I never know how to dress when meeting someone for the first time since life has become much more informal.

A comfortable chair, solitude, and silence are what I frequently seek in life.

The shorter person usually precedes the taller.

Never forget, all Emperors on occasion go out without clothes.

We need a Nobel Peace Prize for the person who can invent a senior citizen friendly computer. It would end anger between grandparents and grandchildren.

The beginning of a week vacation has much more hope than its conclusion.

Hair has caused more anger in the world than that caused by feet.

Each day at exactly 8:45 a.m. my cell phone rings with a message inviting me to a Caribbean vacation. Now, if it would only ring with the money for it.

I feel guilty if my car is not exactly flush with the curb. I re-park until it is. Why?

I wonder if the distance between my Depression childhood and immigrant parents was wider than the distance between a 20 year old today and parents.