We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Long time since I sat on floor playing with a child.

Bad news if told “this is an estimate.”

In doing research, I become a time traveler into the past.

The past weighs heavy on the present.

We are always children of the past.

I so love arrival of spring.

I long for a time when robots handle all mechanical problems encountered in life.

So many heavy set women disguise beauty.

During the year I miss summer fruits.

In America, a yellow shirt means one has an occupation.

When spring arrives, I spring to life.

Some open car door, sit, observe life and then close door.

I have never grasped the holes in pants theory of dressing.

Poverty sucks, but it makes one aware as to what is important.

Older folks finish the entire meal.

Some desire to dwell in House of Lord, some in House of War.