We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


In the end,we return from whence we came.

Some march to the right tune.

Some are timeless in their thinking.

All too often what we yearn for is not what we need.

There are times to have a firm grip on things.

In my childhood we kept things cold in the ice box.

Ah, the wishes we wished to never make that were never made.

Some hold coffee in left hand while holding paper in right.

Every American must once in life dream of walking along the Seine in Paris.

Policemen walk with authority.

I have never encountered a missing person, have you?

To sit quietly amidst noise is to sit with God.

Man has lock hanging from belt. Why? Does he want to lock himself up?

To read a book is to possess the riches of the world.

To remember with love is a precious thought.

There are times in life not to remember.

Always be a brother to your brother.

These days the drums of war in America are not heard by youth.

Forsake hate, and just love.

Long time since heard, “pay the piper’s tune.”