Each week, we offer views on life by a 28 year old mind trapped in a 78 year old body.

I hate when my favorite baseball team wins during spring training. I would prefer if they lost March games and won April games.

There is a large Lutheran church where I live. Each Sunday, a thousand white bodies enter the church and then head to the next door bagel shop for good Jewish food.

For some reason I forgot to renew my license plates and was halted by a sour faced policeman. I felt like saying, “oops, my mistake,” but he wrote me a ticket.

I just received my notice saying I was downsized where I work. I had to wait until my 78th year to finally get fired from a job.

I shocked a student by apologizing for a mistake I made in grading. Every teacher each week, should apologize for something, you know, like doing a poor job of teaching.

What a day, the bagel man gave we old farts who meet each Wednesday a dozen bagels and goodies.

I will never accept as “normal” the sight of boys with long hair.

If you want to be ignored by society, be a veteran of the Korean War.

I am a “nodder.” I nod at everyone, friend, stranger, postman, garbage cleaner, etc..

If I arrive early for a meeting at a restaurant, I must check the place out at least three times to make certain the person I am meeting is not present.

I frequently watch with delight the shades of multi-colored people in modern America.

I believe a defeated presidential candidate should be given the title of , “Watchdog of America” and meet weekly with the president in order to ensure another point of view is present.

Children listen more intently to grandmother than mom.

There ought to be a law forbidding a driver from encountering two traffic accidents on his way to work.

I am confused at the variety of coffees available. Just make it hot and hand it to me.

Someone told me it was wrong to worry so much about poor people. I was once poor.

At least once a day I pause and think of our young people fighting in distant lands and wish them Godspeed to get home.

I am one of those people who invariably leaves at least one French fry. How about you?

I never hold a drink in one hand and perform a task with the other. I drink, put it down, do the task and pick up the drink.

Too many young professionals have never done hard physical labor. They will not fit into any plans to build bridges or roads or clear forests.