Each week we offer comments on the human condition from a 28 year old mind stuck in a 78 year old body.

Jumping and hopping is an natural to a child as worry is to an adult.

Each day, profound political analysts identify an aspect of the Obama administration in order to ascertain the future. Yesterday, it was his dog, tomorrow it will be his favorite candy.

I must take a bite of a hamburger before eating a French fry. We are all victims of habit.

Police who write intelligibly on a ticket should be the one appearing in court.

I have never place keys on my belt. I have no desire to appear macho.

I see men with walkers who are my age. I gaze and shiver wondering if that is my destiny.

Someone asked me if I fear death. Frankly, I am more concerned with making it through my current life.

There were fewer after Easter sales this year of candy. Why?

I miss hearing Easter songs, after all, most are composed by Jews.

People are protesting about taxes. Taxes and death are part of life.

Every time I see a red haired woman I wonder why evolution did not lead to blue haired people.

I wonder what will happen when robots do all the work. Do we humans get on space ships and head for a new planet to start over?

Whenever I witness sunlight fighting to get through clouds it reminds me even in nature there is ongoing conflict.

A hello sometimes means a goodbye.

Split skirts do not look good on all women.

After a group leaves a restaurant there is always that split second when they hesitate trying to determine who goes first in their direction.

I have never complained about paying taxes. I’m so grateful I have taxes to pay.

Each day, at least for a moment, I think about those serving abroad and wish their return.

When two women hug one another one is quicker leaning down.

If a boss is short, he walks behind the group.

I prefer parking at the end or beginning of a parking area on the street to avoid getting stuck in a narrow area.

The price of chicken soup with rice doubled and the price of chicken soup with noodles dropped. Please explain.