For every genocide there is a denial. Humans can kill, but encounter difficulty acknowledging their actions.

South Africa selected Jacob Zuma not for what he can do, but for what he did.

Mubarak’s idea of democracy is allowing people to agree with him.

I can never figure out if the dog is running the man or the man running the dog.

If all the terrorist plots the UK has smashed were plots that were real, the entire terrorist horde would be worrying about Great Britain.

The so-called “liberal media” displayed the backbone of a chocolate eclair after 9/11 and now congratulates itself for being cowards. I exclude The Nation from that comment.

Nicolas Sarkozy never met a Sarkozy who wasn’t the brightest person in Europe– or the world, for that matter.

On the day of my Death, I hope Death takes a holiday to Las Vegas.

Donald Rumsfeld should be sentenced to spend ten years during which each day he must stand for ten hours.

I wonder what Sharia Law would be if designed by women.