We review headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

South Africa, Star: “Cops Accused Of Selling Drugs”
Don’t they always?

Australia, The Age: “Star Trek Ready For Relaunch”
You don’t have to go to far off planets to find aliens, just check members of the Republican party in Congress.

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Prime Minister Promises Pain”
What else can you expect from a pain-in-the-neck?

China, Shanghai Daily: “Youth Offers Suicide Plan Reward”
For doing it or not doing it?

Sweden, The Local: “Madonna Of Orgasm Church”
Or is it the church of moaning and groaning?

Australia, Brisbane Times: “It Never Happens To Anyone Else”
The current feeling of Republican members of the Senate.

Greece, Kathimerini: “Anti-Smoking Campaign Begins”
I think we prefer learning when it ends.

UK, The Independent: “Sorry For Sneaking Out Of Bull Fight”
This is one bull story.

Yemen, Yemen Times: “Trial Of Murdered Doctor Begins”
The first witness is the doctor.

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Cop In 16 Year Wild Goose Chase”
Thank God he finally caught up with the goose.