Each week we offer comments on the human condition by a 78 year old man.

I’d hate to be a pig on planet Earth these days.

I have a hunch Jeb Bush will plant himself in the presidential race.

The day a person not named Mubarak celebrates his birthday as president of Egypt will be the day there is democracy in that nation.

It’s not that the Pakistan army can not defeat the Taliban, it is because they don’t want to defeat the Taliban.

I’m waiting for the New York Yankees to form a Million Dollar Club. Anyone lacking a million can watch the games on TV.

Rush Limbaugh in his latest baughring tirade says Colin Powell should become a Democrat. At least Powell fought for his country while Rush was rushing to make money from his hyperbabble.

I believe all US Senators should be compelled to take a pledge of Allegiance to the interests of the United States instead of the interests of their individual states.

Sarah Palin believes in family values that deny a baby’s father the right to see her.

Flash!! No one died of swine flu in Afghanistan today, or yesterday, for that matter.

America wants to wage war against world terrorism with 1.5 million out of its population of 300,000,000. Is there something wrong with these numbers?