Nobody Asked Me But,

Each week, this blog makes observations about the world. Nothing in these comments is other than the opinion of this blog writer and no attempt is made to be factual.

I always root for Tommie Lee Jones and George Clooney at the Academy Awards. These are the only two actors who would have been successful in the era of Clark Gable and Gary Grant.

Republicans are outraged a newspaper printed a story about alleged sexual behavior on the part of Senator John McClain. Funny, I believe recalling Republican media offering non-stop reports concerning the alleged sexual actions of a former president. Oh, that was OK, he was a Democrat and Republicans know all about their immorality.

I saw a squirrel running across a snowy field. Do squirrels freeze in cold weather?

There is nothing more charming than watching a boy and girl adolescent sitting in a diner chatting with enthusiasm and passion. Of course, once they leave and return to a classroom, passivity reigns.

I frequently dream about a world without cars. The dream returns me to my childhood when only a couple of cars were parked on the block. We used their wheels for bases in stickball games.

I walk in the snow. I walk in 100 degree sun. I walk in rain. People claim I am crazy to walk in such weather. But, they pay $75 to get a tan. I get the tan for free.

I always feel naked when teaching a class if I don’t have on a tie. I am a Depression child and the only knowledge I had about college professors came from the movies. I even used to wear patches on my sleeves when first beginning to teach college. I was sick in those days.

I wonder if police who hide while waiting to catch speeding cars will lie in wait when they reach heaven to catch speeding angels.

I always have this good feeling when I see two men or two women walking along obviously in love. I realize this is a moment to cherish because in my bigoted youth we would go down to “Grenich Village” to beat up homosexuals. I have come a long way from those horrible days of youth.

If I am sitting in a bagel shop I always sit by the window to watch people walk by. I bet in my mind if they will turn and enter. Do you?

It never ceases to amaze me how little of American history is known by high school and college students. The proof of my statement can be obtained by reading material placed on MySpace.

I only buy fruit and vegetables from Farmer Markets.

In my childhood, my mom helped my pop in his butcher shop on Thursday so I was allowed to go to a deli and spend ten cents to get two Kosher hot dogs. There is nothing more wonderful than eating Kosher hot dogs if you are a little boy.

By the way, I always refer to them as my mom and my pop, I never used words like mother or father. My pop was a 135 pound man who one day told two Mafia guys he wouldn’t pay the extra dollar they demanded for garbage collection. They took out their guns and I cried in fear, but my pop held his ground. They laughed, called him a “crazy Jew bastard” and left. My pop walked a thousand miles to get the heck out of Russia. He was a great American as are illegal immigrants. I have no respect for those who oppose immigrants–legal or illegal. Who the hell do you think is complaining about immigrants?

By the way, does anyone drink seltzer these days?

There is something about snow flakes. It is as though Father Winter still hasn’t made up his mind to let it all out or wants to wait for another day.

I was in a department store the othe day and walked by a male mannequin. For some reason, the face of Mitt Romney popped into my mind.

I know there are seven wonders of the world. I think the eighth is the people who pay $200,000 to hear Rudy Giuliani or Bill Clinton speak. What exactly are they going to hear that they haven’t heard before?

Peace in the world to all