The best words for me to hear these days are, “my dad lived to be 98 and he has all his faculties.”

Dick Cheney, Vietnam War draft dodger and certified coward, standard bearer of the Republican Party, Colin Powell, Vietnam War hero who served his country for over thirty years, anti-Republican. Is there something wrong with these statements?

I rarely see three people at a table of the same height and weight. What does that tell us about humanity?

I just cannot believe Tom Hanks can keep a straight face in his latest film. He is just smiling on the road to making twenty million.

Babe Ruth built a house for the Yankees. George Steinbrenner built a house for personal greed.

In my youth, boys who dropped out of school often said: “you can’t get something for nothing.” Too bad, they weren’t hired to run banks and stock exchange firms.

One feels a sense of power walking up to a counter and saying, “I want to see the manager.”

Lou Dobbs is to being an independent thinker as Rush Limbaugh is to talking the truth.

I wonder who decides when breakfast ends in the morning at fast food places and what are their criteria for making the decision.

A miracle is when there is a moment of silence at a table containing five teenage girls.

I decided to be a good citizen and halted at all Stop Signs.

I wonder if I can charge things in Heaven or is it a cash only place.

My mind rejects all forms of testing. I believe tests intrude on my personal dignity and my right to think as I wish.

I often get the sense no one knows how to fix the current economic situation and everyone is winging it.

Few understand the future is made by today’s decisions.

I have a hunch George Bush feels he got out just in time. People already are blaming Obama for Bush mistakes.

I saw a man dunking a bagel in his coffee. This violates hundreds of years of bagel eating.

Is Donald Rumsfeld still alive? If he is, does he stand five hours a day?

I doubt if Sarah Palin can utter a sentence without winking.