A Sarah Palin wink means I really don’t have the faintest idea what I am talking about.

Colin Powell is to patriotism as Dick Cheney is to telling the truth.

Franklin D. Roosevelt in his radio talks was in the room with you and offered a sense of security.

Newt Gingrich apologized for calling Judge Sotomayor a racist. This is a man who told his wife lying in a hospital bed that he wanted a divorce.

I often wonder how humans would behave if the concepts of God and religion had never developed.

I gazed at a fish recently and wondered if his ancestor made sounds in Hebrew.

I cannot leave a coffee shop without using at least two blends.

Michelle Obama smiles a great deal, but I have a hunch that I would not like being around that woman when she gets mad.

The New York State legislature is abundant proof there has not been evolution of humans.

Never drive behind a car if you can’t see the driver’s head.

The sight of a large group of lean people which was frequent in my childhood is an unknown experience in 2009 America.

I sometimes smile thinking how fifty years from now young people with their DVDs will be ancient relics.

Walking along the shores of Chicago lakes is an experience few cities in America can replicate in joy and wonder.

Some people on sitting down have to explain their choice of food, others just gobble it down.

I do not believe life forms from other planets could find anything interesting on this planet unless they enjoy violence and hate.

Dick Cheney reminds me of a man who just sat down on a burr.

The ad said “free hotel discount” but isn’t a discount, by definition free?

I admire Tom Hanks for not cracking a smile in his latest idiotic film.

Is Conan O’Brien supposed to be clever and funny?

How do we know if the recession is over? Does a bell sound?