Nobody Asked Me But,

For those who claim there has been evolution of the human mind, I offer Sarah Palin’s mind as evidence to the contrary.

Dick Cheney shot an arrow into the air, it fell to earth in Torture Square.

If we continue witnessing the decline of unions, does this mean the end of the Labor Day holiday?

There is always a moment of anxiety when you hit a street that is devoid of parked cars. You wonder if an announcement was missed.

I think George Bush burned out attempting to understand complex issues. Chopping wood and walking Barney is closer to his range of intellectual understanding.

Ahmadinejad is the ultimate hustler who doesn’t have a clue how to run a country, but he knows how to run off his mouth and hand out money.

Jon Stewart’s attempts to act ‘cute’ detracts from his moments of intellectual humor.

New Yorkers no longer go to the circus for entertainment. Now, they go to the state legislature to witness the monkeys clowning around.

Say, whatever happened to Don Rumsfeld. I assume in addition to standing up for eight hours a day he does something else.

It is fascinating how quickly banks found the money to repay the bailout. It wouldn’t have any connection with pay limits, would it?

If jobs continue being outsourced, maybe schools should beginning offering courses in Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, etc..

During the Watergate case, the saying was, “follow the money.” In dealing with the Bush administration, the saying is, “follow the blood.”

We should drop food packages over North Korea to spread chaos.

Norm Coleman in Minnesota is every businessman’s nightmare of the customer who is ready to sue at the drop of a hat– or of an election.

I believe there is a governor in New York. Does anyone know his name?