We offer the views of a 78 year old man concerning life on planet Earth.

Benjamin Netanyahu is like the car salesman who tells you what a terrific car it is and somehow leaves out all the problems.

Ahmadinejad is a natural for an old Tammany Hall politicians who can deliver whatever vote results you desire.

California is bankrupt, New York has a corrupt state legislature and there are no words to describe politics in Illinois. It makes one disbelieve in the theory of evolution.

I have a hunch Adam is pointing at Eve up in Heaven and saying; “See what you did!”

Alex Rodriguez is hitting 237 and making $25 million of year. I am willing to bat zero for only a million a year.

If there is a bad rain, it is a certainty all parking spots in front of the bagel shop will be filled.

Ayatollah Khamenei has to decide if the Koran means what it says about honesty.

We trust imprisoning serial killers, drug lords, gang leaders, but are frightened at the idea of placing some guy who fired a gun in Afghanistan in one of our prisons. Explain?

I become upset if the husband is reading the news section of the paper and hands his wife the comics.

Exactly what would Rush, Lou, Bill, Karl and Fox News discuss as problems in government if Bush was still president? His trips to Texas to chop wood?

I came across a man who carries around a pencil sharpener. He must do crossword puzzles.

If I do get to Heaven, will I have to keep up with the antics of Miley and Lindsay and Paris? If so, I’ll take the elevator going down.

I never see people laughing at the funnies in newspapers.