We offer the views of a 78 year old man about the state of humanity.

There is a minister who encourages his flock to come to church with guns. I never knew Jesus Christ was a member of the NRA.

A requirement for getting into Hell is spending a summer in St. Louis.

There is always a hesitancy after handing over a large bill and receiving the change– did I just give a ten or twenty?

You can always spot a Depression era person in the library. They are the ones who will not go near a book self check out machine.

If someone wears a blue shirt with jeans I assume they work in a garage.

I gather Republicans are banding together to support Governor Sanford. He was careful not to damage the virginity of an American girl like you-know-who.

I hate people who spend a half hour explaining their problem to a clerk.

The Republican Party shot an arrow into the air. It fell to earth in low taxes square.

There is a mother’s day, a father’s day, but no uncle or aunt day. How come?

I see more white haired children these days with their elderly parents.

The IRS staff is among the most courteous in any Federal agency.

How come no one these days cites any specific program of Ronald Reagan the nation should follow?

I will defend to death the right of Rush Limbaugh to spout his ignorance.

I have a hunch John McCain will be talking more frequently about the torture of Iranian reformers than he will about American torture of prisoners.

If a gay is elected president of the United States does he get a salute from the armed forces?