We offer the views of a 78 year old man who comments on the human condition.

There ought to be a law as to the number of emails sent to your computer.

You are allowed to speak with strangers when getting a coffee refill.

The lack of a human touch is what most differentiates modern life from my youth. In my younger days, there were always nice Irish political bosses to solve your problems.

Swift trips around America do not get any president knowledge of America. Why not return to the office hours of Abraham Lincoln when anyone could speak with the president?

A delightful sight is mom having breakfast with her three sons.

The stock market is somewhat stable but the pain of the unemployed is very unstable.

Summertime and the living is easier since we have fewer clothes.

I wonder how people in 2109 will judge American society which could not figure out how to provide medical insurance for all people although it knew how to place a man on the moon.

I am impressed by the dignity of Mrs. Sanford.

I watched a woman chatting with a man. She had a ring on her left hand. I could tell she was married but not to the man with whom she talked. Whenever he said anything, she would smile and laugh, touch her heart and reach out to touch his hand. That is not the response of a wife.

Few men hug on meeting. Why?

I do not judge those who are dead. If I do, the conversation is a monologue since they cannot defend themselves.

How and why did humans decide to use hand when verbally interacting?

A moment of life’s achievement is when a young child can get into the car without assistance from parents.

I have been eating some incredibly tasty cherries. Now, I know where the human love of sweetness arose.