Nobody Asked Me But,

Each week, this blog offers observations on the human condition. These are personal reflections and are not meant to be accurate.

Isn’t it most common for police officers to stop the car going ten miles over the speed limit and ignore the car zooming ahead at 95 miles per hour?

I alwasy smile when someone berates me for saying, “Indian,” and inists I should use the expression, “Native American.” The word ‘America’ comes from Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian. Actually, the correct term is Delaware or Sioux or Apache or Iroquois or my wife’s ancestors, Cherokee.

Does Eliot Spitzer still have to pay if he doesn’t show up?

President Bush says the economy is “experiencing difficulties.” If I can’t get my car going, I experience “difficulties,” Not getting a nation going is a mite more severe of a “dififculty.”

How many of us are still alive who saw a game in the old Negro Baseball League?

I don’t know if I am mmore surprised if a child looks like one of the parent or doesn’t look like either.

I believe a characteristic of contemporary college students is the belief showing up for class constitutes at a minimum the grade of “B.”

If John McCain selects Mitt Romney as his running mate, we should not allow him to even be in charge of a Boy Scout troop.

Wouldn’t you like to know the real thoughts of Admiral Fallon about Bush and the crazy policies in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Condi Rice travels nonstop around the world. Could someone please give me an example of a problem she actually has helped solve?

If you wish to win bet challenge someone to sing the entire Star Spangled Banner without making a mistake. No such person inhabits the United States.

I sometimes miss having Don Rumsfeld to kick arouond. He and Eliot Spitzer run one-two for being the most arrogant man in America.

I estimate the number of books appearing this year “written” by prostitutes who claim to have had a romp in bed with Spitzer as exceeding twenty.

When I wish to relax at night I pull out an old Charlie Chan film and sit back and absorb his words of wisdom on life. They make more sense than those of anyone in the current Bush administration.

Do squirrels ever freeze in cold weather? I worry about them.

Bank tellers tell me to “have a good one” when I prefer having some more good dollars.

Do you ever get a weird feeling driving in a suburban mall area when you recall the area as once being grass and trees?

I hear Paris Hilton was supposed to go to Rwanda and do something about charity or things like that. Instead, she was showing off her new dresses to reporters. I don’t know whether the poor people of Rwanda are not better off she was showing off her butt rather than trying to butt into their lives and use them for a photo op.

I oftn wonder about the future of human evolution. I think 20,000 years from now we will be leaner and less violent.

Is Dick Cheney still alive?