Nobody Asked Me But:

Sarah Palin is to logic and rationality as Michael Jackson was to sane living.

Many people who used to denounce those on unemployment as “shiftless” have now joined the ranks of the shiftless.

I never understand why coffee places have a special blend for a holiday and then it disappears. If it is good, why not all year good?

My advice to Barack Obama is to file an unemployment claim and learn first hand what your administration places in the way of poor people to secure their rightful payments.

A comedian in the Senate, a Governor writing torrid love words, the New York State legislature filled with morons who refuse to legislate, and we celebrate our nation’s birthday. The Founding Fathers are crying at this moment– what hath we wrought?

Death is human finality. What is finality for those without work these days?

The governor of Missouri vetoed a bill that would have over-turned laws requiring bike riders to wear helmets. Some bikers claim their rights are being denied. Does one have a right to be a moron and endanger not only one’s life but the lives of others?

I receive many looks from women as I write these words. They wonder what I write. Sorry, I write about you and all humankind.

Did they have paper cuts in cave man times?

Fifty years from now there will be no veterans left to march in July 4th parades.