Nobody Asked Me But:

I think Sarah Palin’s children deserved better than what mom gave them.

Summer in St. Louis means the back of my shirt is always wet.

Joe Biden should wear a halter every time he ventures forth from his house.

There are many downsized business people who have finally learned it is final when they fail to hear from anyone who they once worked with.

The forgotten people in Obama, America are the unemployed.

Is it possible to produce a spy flick which lacks a high speed car chase?

A modern version of Tolstoy’s War and Peace is a day in the New York State legislature.

I have never seen people waiting for a court hearing who have smiles or look happy.

Ayatollah Khamenei is the Supreme Leader of brutality and oppression.

The good news is many Americans dress informally. The bad news is many which they could dress formally.