On reflection, perhaps we could use a few comedians in the Senate. At least we will be getting some professionals into the act.

These days grandparents discuss unemployment with their grandchildren.

If I can’t find the blend I want at one Einstein bagel shop I go to another. Is that legal?

A friend’s 94 year old father is very ill. I feel sorrow for my friend, but there is a sense of glee at age 78 that someone reached 94 years.

I immediately bond with anyone who served in the armed forces. We share common experiences.

Whatever happened to great young American male tennis players?

I saw a table in a coffee shop that had four elderly women and one elderly man. Such is life and death.

I never talk to anyone while holding my hands close to my vest.

Rising unemployment creates rising doubt in Obama.

For those who believe multiple choice tests indicate intelligence, my question is how many corporations give new CEOs a multiple choice test?

Summer is the time when children should wander, dream, smell flowers and jump in and out of pools. Under no condition should they waste time in school.

I was leaning against the wall while waiting for someone. Gee, Don Rumsfeld is right, standing up is not torture.