Nobody Asked Me But:

Michelle Obama oversees Easter egg hunts, Eleanor Roosevelt walked picket lines and fought for the rights of Negroes. A tale of two first ladies.

A pessimist says we are out of Afghanistan by 2017. An optimist says we are out of Afghanistan by 2012. A realist says we are in Afghanistan in 2030.

A war against terrorism is as easy to win as a war against bad weather.

What do I read with my morning coffee if newspapers disappear? The menu?

Only I could hit McDonalds when they were out of fresh coffee.

Being unemployed makes it difficult to be angry when my appointment is late. Exactly, where am I hurrying to get?

If you lined up all the adulterers in Congress and laid them side by side, it would cover the cost of a new interstate highway.

In my childhood, we were told if you always wish to win a bet, then place your bet on the Notre Dame football team, the New York Yankees baseball team or Joe Louis. Who today offers a sure win on a bet?

I become queasy when the secretary leaves for the day and I am still in the waiting room.

The best training to become a judge is spending a year on MySpace reading the gibberish that goes for intelligence.

A Founding Father who arrived in America in 2009 would make certain his children headed straight for England.

I can not recall an All Star baseball game that was exciting. Can you?

We can have salary caps in sports, but not in business. Why?

If I was a Republican these days, my favorite song would be: “The Sounds Of Silence.”

I must confess that Don Rumsfeld comes across as a real stand up guy when it comes to keeping one’s mouth shut.

At age, 78, I believe in a level field to walk on without hills.

I frequently smile listening to people ramble on about crime rates. What would they say if they had lived in the twenties?

Is Hillary Clinton still alive?

Humans have a tendency to express concern for the elderly and young children. Everyone in between is of no concern to them.