Movie actresses who portray “innocent characters” invariably are deeply troubled individuals.

When tutoring one should speak softly. Raising the voice does not improve clarity of understanding.

I wonder if I can get Direct TV in heaven.

I have concluded there is a God. The New York Yankees swept a four game set with the Boston Read Sox. Of course, if you are a Red Sox fan, it is now clear the Devil exists.

Hatred us the emotion which more readily captures the human heart in matters of politics than does love.

Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. No truer words were ever said.

I miss the caring human voice and music of Johnny Cash.

A helicopter and plane collided over the Hudson River. I assume now there will be calls for police directing air traffic.

Growing up in America a half century ago, people used the expression, “eat a good breakfast.” Today, it is more likely to be, “eat a quick breakfast.”

I think McDonald’s cutting back on personnel.

My nightmare at age 78 is awakening with a stiffness in my side that will not go away.

I am shocked by New York DA Morgenthau demanding jail time for Plaxico Burress who shot himself! Does that mean jail time for the obese, alcoholics, and depressed people?