Following are the comments on the human condition by a boy trapped in the body of a 78 year old man.

Nobody Asked Me But,

The Post Office is NOT supposed to make a profit. It is a public service like the armed forces!

I enjoy the Jon Stewart show but he simply does not grasp that his attempts to be cute fall flat. Groucho Marx, he is not.

I am still shocked at the idea there is sport news in the Wall Street Journal.

I am a bagel bigot. I can not become accustomed to Christians eating bagels. Bagels are reserved for Jews. Just ask God.

By mistake I paid for my AARP membership until 2016. If I die before, do I get a refund?

Every store advertises, “buy one, get one,” or “50% off.” If they can make a profit this way, how come we only got one last year and paid the full price?

One day before I die I will enter an eating establishment in which not a single person in on a cell phone. Then, I can die in peace.

Am I allowed to go over to a man who has finished the sport section of USA Today, and ask for it?

I never take my sunglasses if it is cloudy in the morning. Clouds change, not me.

I watched a video clip of Tea Party crazies shouting and insulting everyone. Then, I turned on Discovery channel and saw a group of chimpanzees yelling and screaming. Now, I know we ARE descended from chimpanzees.

I feel proud to be an American as I walk through a mall and see the diversity that is modern America.